WTC-WEBSITE Terms of Use

WTC that world trade Ltd. (henceforth our company) manages- Please read the following agreement for uses well to use Web Site (Hereafter, it is said, "This site") comfortably. It was agreed by these agreement for uses because it used the service of this site. It becomes the user own load about the cost that lies connected with this site though the access by telecommunications equipment and the sending and receiving of mail are needed when this service is received.

Limitation of material use.

Our company has the intellectual property right, use rights, and other rights of the copyright etc. in all contents of this site (book, portrait, character, and all other information). Please refrain from use exceeding the range admitted by the Copyright Law.

The treatment of the link to other websites.

It links from this site to other websites and the resources, and the third party is occasionally offering the link to other websites and the resources. Our company doesn't assume the responsibility of software, the advertisement, the commodity, and the labor, etc. that can be used on the website and the resource moreover of those websites and the resources at all. Therefore, it is assumed the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility of compensating for all the damage that originates or relates to them and is caused.

The link to this site.

The link of this site to top page asks the individual, the group or neither profit-pursuing nor non-profit-making and there is no necessity of the report. However, we will refuse the link when corresponding to the following items.

  1. Website where content in contradiction to adult contents or public order and morals was included.
  2. Website where content that had possibility of relating to illegal or malfeasance was included.
  3. Website where disadvantage is given to our company, this site or third party.
  4. It is a website where the slander is slandered as for our company, this site or the third party.
  5. Website where property (logo mark and character, etc.) that this site maintains is used without permission of site.
  6. Website where the one that exists in this site or the related companies, some tie-ups or cooperation and misidentification might be given.
  7. Website where this site or honor and confidence of the related companies might be ruined.
  8. When you do the act of use or offering the harmful program such as the computer viruses and the act with the fear.
  9. When you do the act of relating to criminality or the crime and the act with the fear.
  10. When you do the act of doing the false return and the written report as others' E-mail addresses are registered.
  11. Additionally, when judging that this site is improper.

The change, the stop, the interruption, and the end of the service offer.

It is assumed the one (the change, the stop, the interruption, and can the end without telling all or parts of the service that this site provides to the user beforehand). The one of our company that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all is damage caused by the change, the stop, the interruption, and the end, etc. of this service.

Exemption matters.

  1. This site brushes off close attention and publishes information. However, our company doesn't guarantee completeness, accuracy, and utility etc. or the connection environment, etc. in the service that this site provides.
  2. Our company doesn't guarantee the thing that the virus and other detriments are not in the server of the thing that the function of this site is not interrupted, the thing in which the error doesn't occur, and this site.
  3. When defects of the interruption, the delay or the wrong transmission, etc. are caused, the one of service not owed is a responsibility of the damage that the user or the third party suffered by the obstruction and the information modification etc. of the service of this site by the third party.

Change in Terms of Use.

The agreement for use of this site might change without a previous notice to the user.