Compressor sales and services

WTC imported the most sophisticated, precise manufacturing and monitoring equipments from other countries, we have also employed foreign engineers and Japanese experts specialized in air conditioner compressor R&D manufacturing, and marketing. Our Products include various capacities of compressors for buses, refrigeration units and trucks. Our products are being distributed to global market such as mainland China, Europe, North America, and other Asian countries. “Japanese product design, production technology, quality assurance, control and management, together with the competitive production cost and great development in China” are what we emphasize which result in “Win–Win-Win situation”.

HZL コンプレッサー

HZL compressor

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Casting product sale and service

Problem of Casing product in the past

To fulfill strict government regulation to avoid pollution and public hazard in developed countries. It costs enormous money to invest in facilities.

strict government regulation

Strict Government Regulation

In developed countries, fulfilling government regulation for pollution and public hazard is causing immeasurable cost for facility investment.

Workers Health Condition

During the process of casting production, it causes enormous risk for factory workers to be polluted by public hazard. To protect factory worker’s health condition, it is essential to investing in facilities to produce less pollution during the production.

cause for hight cost production

casting products

WTC can help you solve the problem

WTC has become the representative of three prestigious casting manufactures with a world’s top manufacturing technique and quality standard. This enables WTC to provide our clients with a high quality and low cost casting production.


introducing our casting products

WTC is supported by big enterprises for their low cost and high quality production policy. Pictures below are some of our products:

clutch housing clutch housing
Transmission Transmission
Crank shaft Crank shaft
Control box Control box
FTP in-net pipe FTP in-net pipe
Cylinder head
Front Cover
Cylinder head Front Cover

ccasting products

die assembly product.

press die

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